Date & Time Details: November 28 - December 2, 2023 - Start Time 8:30am End Time 1pm

Location: Taft Gardens, Ojai, California

What to Bring: This is an all-camping program. Participants are responsible for bringing their own personal camping equipment, and for personal transportation to and from the program.

Meals : Participants are responsible for bringing their own lunches, and snacks. For breakfasts and dinners, the group will be divided into meal teams to plan, purchase and prepare group meals using safe protocols.

  • $1,250.00 to $1,600.00 – Sliding Scale Price: you are free to select any price within this range
  • $1,600.00 – High End Program Price: choosing the high end amount or more allows us to compensate our guides at a higher rate

The Wild Mind Training Residential – November, 2023

November 28 - December 2, 2023

With Brian Stafford, MD, MPH

This residential is limited to trainees in the Wild Mind Training Program (and SAIP Program) only. Please note you must be enrolled in the Wild Mind Training Program to register for this residential. You can find more information about the WMTP by clicking here.

NOTE: All Wild Mind Trainees will receive a link to register for this program from the WMTP Director. Please reach out to them if you have not received it. 

The Wild Mind Training Residential is the core of the Wild Mind Training Program steeped in the Nature Based Map of the Human Psyche. In this 5-day training, participants hone their skills in listening, tracking, deepening, mirroring, and creating invitations to help others cultivate their wholeness and heal their wounded and fragmented subpersonalities. We also practice the skills of council, dreamwork, and Shadow work, and further develop our understanding and use of the Nature Based Map of the Human Psyche. Included is an introduction to the use of the Soulcentric Developmental Wheel.

Designed for human development guides, the WMTP is a professional training in the use of the Nature-Based Map of the Human Psyche to support others to cultivate their innate wholeness and to acquire the skills of Self-healing.

The objectives of the Wild Mind Training Residential are to:

  • provide training in the NBMHP model and in the skills of facilitating nature-based wholing and Self-healing
  • support trainees in their personal cultivation of wholeness and Self-healing
  • support the career development of professionals called to guide others toward wholeness. (Note that the WMTP is not a training in underworld guiding. Learning to facilitate the descent to soul is the mission of Animas’ Soulcraft Apprenticeship and Initiation Program — SAIP) An application and acceptance into the Wild Mind Training Program is required for this Residential.
  • Continuing Education Credits are available for an additional fee. Please inquire.

As author Gary Snyder notes, “To speak of wilderness is to speak of wholeness.” To have a wild mind is to have a wholemind. People with wild minds are those who have cultivated and embodied their innate human wholeness the full rainbow spectrum of capacities, talents, and sensibilities that constellate our evolutionary birthright.

~ Bill Plotkin

We invite participants to arrive at the Lake Casitas campground the evening before we commence (November 27th) to get settled.



taftTaft Gardens is located near the wild edge of the Pacific Ocean. The gardens include 15 acres of South African and Australian succulents giving the land a wild feel to it. The gardens open up to several hundred acres of oaks, pine, eucalypt, and a variety of grasses and ponds,  and is home to eagle, hawk, scrub jay, hummingbird, woodpecker, lizard, snake, bear, bobcat, mountain lion. It is nestled at the edge of the Los Padres National Forest and looks out upon the Topa Topa mountains.



Brian Stafford, MD, MPH
Brian Stafford is a guide to the wilderness of nature, wildness, and soul. Called out of academic medicine to serve as a guide to the depths and to serve as an agent of cultural awakening and transformation, he guides with humor, playfulness, fierceness, compassion, discernment, and a deep remembering of the fullness of what each human life can, should, and was meant to be. A native of Colorado and the former holder of an endowed chair and professor of psychiatry and pediatrics, he is currently a guide, Board Member, and Training Director of the Wild Mind Training Program at Animas. He…
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