Animas Valley Institute

Who We Are

Animas is a nonprofit organization of 15 to 20 guides and a small staff with offices in Durango, Colorado, USA. Since 2008, we have structured ourselves as a team-led, service organization with no executive director.

Our 30-plus annual programs include 12-day contemporary vision fasts, 5-day camping or retreat-center-based intensives, local programs, yearlong immersions that meet for four sessions (one in each season), and advanced intensives on soulcentric dreamwork, shadow work, the cultivation of ecological identity, deep imagery journeys, and other topics. Animas founder Bill Plotkin and the other Animas guides have created and shaped over 40 contemporary practices that assist people of Western cultures in their quests for more meaningful, fulfilling, and culturally engaged lives aligned with nature, soul, and the Great Turning.

Animas also serves as a training institute. Our Soulcraft Apprenticeship and Initiation Program (SAIP) is an advanced training curriculum designed for those who have been called by Mystery to serve as nature-based underworld guides. For more information, see the Training Programs sub-menu under the Animas Programs tab of this website.

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