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Special Focus Offerings

Our Special Focus offerings employ a variety of innovative and distinctive soulcraft practices for evoking the encounter with soul. These offerings are of special interest to a great variety of people, including those called to the awakening of planetary imagination, the craft of writing as a path to soul, the practices of council and mirroring, and the exploration of other initiatory realms.

Special Focus offerings include:

  • Art and Soul
  • Courting the Muse-Beloved
  • Following the Moonpath: Women Dreamed by Earth
  • Prayers in the Dark: Tending our Visionary Fires
  • Romancing the World
  • Spider Silk in Moonlight
  • Writing the Wild Soul

Holy Longing: Dear Desire – October 2023

October 25 - 29, 2023
Aravaipa Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona

With Kate Joyner and Gene Dilworth, M.A.

OUR BRAND NEW PROGRAM! A Psycho-Spiritual Descent into the Mytho-Erotics of Soul.

Soulcentric Dreamwork Intensive – November, 2023

November 10 - 14, 2023
Dharma Treasure Retreat Center, Tucson, Arizona

With Mary Marsden and Nate Bacon, M.A.

In Soulcentric Dreamwork you’ll learn what it’s like to enter dreams as mysteries, to boldly and vulnerably interact with its denizens and dreamscapes.

Fishing For Shadow Online – January, 2024

January 8 - 26, 2024

With Brian Stafford, MD, MPH and Gene Dilworth, M.A.

We will explore Shadow — the hidden, deep, and dangerous realm of our psyches. The psyche has sinister or negative aspects as well as positive or golden qualities. It also has golden characters who wear some very sinister masks. It is dark and slippery terrain.

Sweet Darkness – January, 2024

January 30 - February 4, 2024
Aravaipa Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona

With Laura Gunion and Brian Stafford, MD, MPH

Sweet Darkness is one of our most challenging programs, a truly intense intensive, a 6-day experiential immersion into nature-based Shadow work.

The Way of Council and the Art of Mirroring – February, 2024

February 12 - 16, 2024
Taft Gardens, Ojai, California

With Brian Stafford, MD, MPH

In the mirror of another, our eyes are opened to aspects of both our gifts and our challenges that we might not see otherwise.

Prayers In The Dark – March, 2024

March 18 - 22, 2024
Aravaipa Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona

With Doug Van Houten and Rebecca Wildbear, M.S.

The human species has entered a collective dark night. What visions might emerge from our prayers in the dark?