Recent Podcasts with Bill Plotkin discussing his new book, The Journey of Soul Initiation

  • Conversations for the Future with Nate Bacon (1/10/21): Click here
  • State of Emergence with Terry Patten (1/12/21): Click here
  • WE Earth Radio Conversations with Michael Stone (1/13/21): Click here
  • Maria’s Bookshop Conversation with Laura Blakeman (1/19/21): Click here
  • The Life Purpose Podcast with Pauli Saari, Part 1 (1/20/21): Click here
  • Hints and Guesses with Kent Dobson (1/21/21): Click here
  • Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality — Conversation with Jonathan Ellerby: (1/24/21): Click here
  • Embercombe (UK) with Dr. Rachel Fleming (1/27/21): Click here
  • The Groundless Ground Podcast with Lisa Dale Miller (1/30/21): Click here
  • Sea Change Radio Conversation with Alex Wise (2/8/21): Click here
  • Esalen Institute Conversation with Christine Chen (2/9/21): Click here
  • IONS Weekly Webinar, with Andrea Livingston (2/9/21): Click here
  • Humans and Earth Podcast with Helen Claire Harmon (2/22/21): Click here
  • Resistance Radio Conversation with Derrick Jensen (3/7/21): Audio: Click here
  • Ten Laws with East Forest (3/2/21): Click here
  • Plant Yourself podcast with Howie Jacobson (3/16/21): Audio: Click here, Video: Click here
  • Canadian Ecopsychology Network special event: Conversation with Dr. Hilary Leighton (3/18/21): Click here
  • New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove (3/19/21): Click here
  • Planetary Regeneration Podcast, conversation with Gregory Landua: Click here, Available on Soundcloud: Click here, Spotify: Click here, Apple: Click here, Stitcher: Click here
  • Embodiment Matters Podcast, conversation with Carl Rabke and Erin Geesaman Rabke: Click here
  • The Bregman Leadership Podcast (4/19/21): Click here
  • New Dimensions Radio, conversation with Justine Willis Toms: Click here
  • Banyen Books, interview with Ross McKeachie, Video podcast: Click here, Audio: Click here (the audio podcast can also be found anywhere that podcasts are heard (Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc.) by searching “Banyen Books In Conversation Bill Plotkin”.

Other Podcasts

  • Intimacy with the World with Durita Holm and Geneen Marie Haugen (4/21)
    Having access to our imagination, opens a gateway in our consciousness — it enlarges it. Listen on Apple and Spotify.

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