For our more fierce and intense offerings (e.g., Animas Quests, Yearlong Soulcraft Immersions, Sweet Darkness, and most other Advanced Intensives) we ask that couples, family members, or best friends not attend together.

Sometimes partners, family members, or close friends attend the same Soulcraft Intensive, Wild Mind Intensive, or other less advanced immersions (e.g. Romancing the World, Prayers in the Dark, Nature and the Human Soul, Council and Mirroring, Art and Soul, Spider Silk in Moonlight, Writing the Wild Soul). Though usually not an ideal way to experience an Animas Intensive, for practical purposes it’s sometimes the only way or much more affordable way to attend, and partners especially do naturally want to share intense and transformative experiences. We do welcome couples, family members, or close friends wanting to attend our less advanced immersions together, but we do not recommend this for our quests and other advanced immersions. What makes this less than ideal is that the primary person in our lives who “anchors” our current identity or life story is usually our partner, parent, or closest friend. Soulcraft is underworld work and the goal, in part, is to loosen our attachment to our current life story so we might glimpse something of the mysterious image or story we were born to embody in this lifetime as a gift to others. This can be much more difficult when the experience is being shared with someone whose life story overlaps significantly with our own. Because of unavoidable dynamics, we suggest that partners, family members, or best friends room separately, avoid sitting next to each other in group, and not “compare notes” when attending a program together.