Wendy Robertson Fyfe, Wild Mind Guide

Wendy attends and tracks Mystery on the descent to soul. She follows what might currently be considered irrational yet is constant being more associated with remembering the chthonic feminine embodied ways. With a Cailleach’s eye she speaks words and questions who are more like portals into further mysteries inviting and sparking us deeper into the curiosity and wonder of being reshaped rather than = neat solutions and answers. She is a life-time agent of cultural evolution, previously through ways of cultural historian, psychosynthesis psychotherapist with new parents holding a baby on the journey of soul initiation, and associate lecturer at the Open University in Scotland. She has completed SAIP, is an Animas Wild Mind Guide and current editor of Animas Westwords; a soul guide and mentor, published poet, writer and exhibited photographer. She founded Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus in 2018 by way of activism through the poetic imagination within the holographic reciprocity of Earth/Cosmic community’s resonating songs singing birth and death worlds into being. She perceives herself as a ‘we’ being dreamt beyond human individualism and consumption. Wendy partnered with Animas to develop opportunities for people to participate and train in Europe.