Animas Valley Institute

Animas Valley Institute — founded in 1980 — offers multi-day, nature-based, experiential explorations into the depths and wilds of soul for the purpose of discovering the unique, mysterious identity at the heart of each life.  The Institute is one of North America’s longest-standing organizations offering contemporary wilderness rites.


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Wild Mind by Bill Plotkin

Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche

Another Doctor In The House! Well done Dr. Geneen Haugen!

May Animas Quest All camping Quest, Get Early Bird Discount!

April Animas Quest in Arizona, Few spots available….

Soulcentric Dreamwork in Colorado, Don’t miss out! Few spots available

2015 Programs

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Enjoy this New Article by Bill Plotkin

The Intro to Eco-Soulcentric Developmental Wheel


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Who We Are

Animas is a nonprofit organization of 10 to 15 guides and a small staff with offices in Durango, Colorado, USA. Since 2008, we have structured ourselves as a team-led, service organization with no executive director…

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What We Do

Founded in 1980, the institute offers a rich assortment of journeys into the mysteries of nature and psyche, including soulcraft intensives, contemporary vision fasts, and training programs for nature-based soul guides.

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Bill’s Books

Animas - BIll Plotkin books

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Bill Plotkin

Bill Plotkin

Learn more about Bill Plotkin, the founder of Animas Valley Institute.

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